Isak (Ignacz) Weinstock, then BOROS #hungary

Moishe Miller

Hello Fellow Researchers,

My 1c4r, Isak Weinstock was born in Satoraljaujhely on 14 Jun 1859. See
LDS Film 642954 (DGS 4210898), page 033 (of 552), line 032 (#858). OR,

It seems he had a name change from Weinstock to BOROS. Is anyone
familiar with why that might be? Also, on the bottom margin, there are
some notes related to his record. Can anyone read the Hungarian to
decipher what it says? The notes span both sides of the page.

Thank you!

Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY

András Alvincz

Halló Hr.Miller!
Einige Jüd. Abstammung vollten zu ung.Volk gehören,(Der Staat hatte es auch bevorzugt)
Isak Weistock, 

ist in die Reformirte Kirche umgetreten und Namen geändert(Bestätigung steht geschrieeben)


I can't translate the Hungarian, but it seems like this was a change from a German surname to a Hungarian one. I had a number of relatives who changed their surname in that way, possibly some cultural bias against German names. Magaziner to Balkanyi (their mother's maiden name), Fink to Fenyo, Klempovics (ok, not all that German) to Nagy (very Hungarian).


The first note says he changed his name to Boros, the second that he joined the Reformed church in Buda/Budapest on 1908.5.21 .

 BOROS means Winemaker or something to do with Wine. Not an uncommon choice for Hungarianized Jewish names.