Name variants for Ovsey/Yehoshua Fuchs/Fuks? #dna #usa #names

Alex Fuchs

My GGGfater Ovsey/Yehoshua  Fuchs/Fuks came to the US from Minsk in the 1880s.
I searched for Ovsey /Yehoshua /Joshua Fuchs /Fox, but I can find any records of him :(
Ovsey was born around 1830 and his is father was Yuda(Yehuda) Fuks.
He was probably a furrier/tailor, settle on the East coast, and remarried in the US.
Ovsey had one older son who came with him to the US (supposedly a shipbuilding engineer).
My GGfather Iosel/Josef Fuchs (b. 7/31/1866 Minsk) came to visit Yehoshua in the 1880-90s but eventually went back to Minsk.
I can't find  Iosel's US records either.  
There are birth records of Iosel and his sister Khana-Rasya with their and parents' Hebrew names.
I did find through DNA Ovsey's nephew Morduch Abraham Fuchs (changed name to Max Fox) who settled in Pittsburgh.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!  

Alex Fuchs

There was a question about Ovsey name.

"Ovsey" is a common Russian variant for Yehoshua