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Cannot find the list of the people who lived in that address between 1925-1935. I couldn't find the address in the Census nor in the Telephone directories. We have that specific address for a family member. Does anyone has anothe idea how to search by address which is not by using Census/Phone Directories/Ancestry/FamilySearch/SteveMorse?? I'll Appreciate any Help!! Thanks

David Oseas

If you can't find an address/street combination in a census, always remember to check for street name changes/renumbering.  Osborne Ave in Brooklyn became Ocean Ave (see: )

David Oseas

Jessica Skippon

According to the Red Book Information Guide to Brooklyn 35th edition, (1933) Osborne Sreet ran from 1582 East New York Avenue south to Linden Boulevard. 30 Osborne Street was between #9 at Liberty Bgn and #57 at Glenmore Avenue. The next block was Pitkin Avenue.

It looks as though that area is now Howard Houses, a large housing estate in Brownsville, with no through roads. The Red Book shows East New York Avenue running from Liberty Avenue to Osborne Street to St Marks Avenue. Liberty Avenue no longer intersects East NY Avenue.

With respect to David Oseas and Steve Morse, Osborne Avenue was in Brownsville, a long way from Ocean Avenue, which begins at Empire Boulevard at Prospect Park.

Jessica Skippon
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Suzanne Fialkoff

Number 28-30 Osborn St.was an apartment building. It was enumerated in the 1925 Kings County Census in AD 23, ED 24, pages 49-50.

Jx. Gx.

Jessica Skippon is 100 percent correct.  In the 1950s NYC began putting up a lot of public housing complexes and in the process truncated or eliminated entire blocks of streets.  If you Google "30 Osborn Street, Brooklyn" you will see in a map the approximate location of that former address indicated by a red dot. It is just below Howard Housing, mentioned by Jessica.

Jeffrey Gee