Looking for descendants of my wife's two maternal grand-uncles – MILLER MALARCZYK #poland #usa

Laurent Ettouati


My wife had at least two grand-uncles who emigrated to the USA from
Poland and changed their name from MALARCZYK to MILLER, Jacob MILLER
1894-1984 and Joseph MILLER 1897-1981.

Jacob MILLER was married to Becky GREENBERG with four children born in
New-York, Martin 1917-2005, Ellen 1919, Celia 1923 married to Martin
SACKS and Bernard 1929.

Joseph MILLER was married to Becky PALIWADA ca1901- with three children
born in New-York, Beatrice 1924, Frances 1927 and Ruth 1932.

My wife's late mother was also in touch just after the 2nd world war
with two cousins in the USA Walter PALEVODA/PALWODA 1927 and Charles
CINNAMON 1928-1998. So Walter PALEVODA/PALWODA shoud be related to Becky
PALIWADA. Nothing known about the relation between Charles CINNAMON and
her mother.

My wife's maternal great-grandparents was Icek MALARCZYCK 1858-ca1945
and Ruchla TYS 1868-1930/. Geographical areas in Poland for parents and
sons: Przasnysz, Lomza, Mlodzianowo, Maków Mazowiecki.

Thanks for your help.

Laurent Ettouati