Verifying Portuguese Translation of Brazilian Immigration Paperwork #latinamerica #translation

Yaron Wolfsthal

Dear Group,
I have auto-translated, and then manually refined the translation of a relative's post-WW2 travel record from written in Portuguese (Brazil).

The Portuguese language is shown size-by-side with the English version here :

The  translation, admittedly, is rather raw, but I think I got the essence.

I'd be grateful if anyone who masters Portuguese would look to help me verify this translation (and point any mistakes).

Thank you -Yaron

Sandra Lilienthal

I will be happy to help you but can't do it today. Can look at the details on Wednesday if no one has done it yet.
The first thing I want to point out is that Brazilian dates are written DAY/MONTH as opposed to the American way.



On Mon, Jul 27, 2020 at 10:48 AM, Yaron Wolfsthal wrote:

The translation is fairly good. Typical Brazilian bureacratic jargon.

Some hints:

"Reg de Temporarios nº 794/58" = Registration of Temporary (residents) number 794 of the year 1958.
"ministerial order of 11/27/58" = ministerial order of 27-Nov-1958
"Sr. Cônsul do Brasil" = Mr. Consul of Brasil in Rivera, Uruguay.
"carteira selada com Cr$ 250,00" = means that the document has stamps that confirmed the payment of Cr$ 250 etc.
"colados e inutilizados" = glued and voided
"folha corrida" is not a payroll, it translates better as a background check issued by the police.
"in accordance with Resolution no. 109/1942 of the extinct C.I.C. DRS forwarded to the DIJ, on 3.12.59".
"apresentado pelo int." = presented by the interested party
"dauqle Depto." = from that Department (ortographic error)
"revealed the portfolio for one year" - Actually "Revalidated the portfolio for one year"

Hope it helps.

Flavio Baran

Judite Orensztajn

Yaron, shalom,
As Portuguese is my mother tongue, I thought I could help to verify, but the link didn't open.
All the best,
Judite Orensztajn, Givatayim, Israel