the English equivalent of Asnel or Zammel #names

Sylvia Tulkoff

Does anyone know the English equivalent of Asnel or Zammel? Are these names Yiddish or Hebrew?
I found them in a letter written in Yiddish to my in laws but cannot connect them to anyone in the family that I know.
Thanks for your assistance.
Sylvia Tulkoff

Jill Whitehead

My great aunt was called Asne or Asnah. She was nicknamed Nessie. It is a Hebrew name, and  was passed down by the women in her (Litvak) family. it is quite common in Swedish Jewish families, whose ancestors came from the Suwalki Lomza gubernias, in NE Poland, on the border with Lithuania. 

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

Dubin, David M. MD

Perhaps you mean Ansel? That would be a Germanic/Yiddish form of the Hebrew name Asher. It’s a man’s name, also spelled Anschel, Amsel, Amschel etc. 
Zammel (also Zemmel, Semmel and the like) Is a Yiddishized Samuel.