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Margarita Lacko

After many years of searching, at last I found one record where it mentions my 2nd cousin once removed, Vera KRAUS.


According to Vera, her grandfather David WEISZ and my father’s grandmother Netti (Jenny) WEISZ were siblings. I didn’t find any proof of this, yet.


According to her, her parents were Martin KRAUS (b. abt. 1895 Turka, Poland) and Anna WEISS (b. abt. 1902 St. Péter, near Komaron, Slovakia).  

Vera KRAUS was born 1926 in Brezno, Slovakia. Vera survived the Holocaust, her parents didn’t.  


Vera was not very good with details. She married, went to Israel and had a son, Roni, who died in the Yom Kippur war (October 1973). She did not tell me the name of her first husband (not sure if he died or if they divorced). I don’t even know when she arrived in Israel (legal or not).


I found this entry in JewishGen and would love to know if there are any more details in the original record. What was she doing in Zilina at such a young age???



KRAUS, Viera

Moric / Sara (WILSEK)

Martin / Anna (WEISS)






groom b. Teplice / bride b. Brezno

LSD 2086050 Item 6



Looking in , the LDS # seems to be only available on microfilm. Family History Libraries are now closed.


Is there any other way to find more information? Or do I have to have patience until it’s safe to go out again?


Margarita Lackó

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Even before the plague, "reel-only" items were in a sort of limbo ever since FamilySearch discontinued microfilm distribution several years ago. (The materials and equipment had simply become cost-prohibitive.) Many (most?) of these films are actually digitized, as evidenced by the number in the catalog's DGS column, and they are actually online; they're just not on the parts of the FS servers that can be seen from the "front door". You need some form of "back door" access, for which there are various bits of software written by various genealogist-programmers around the world. The one I use was written by a Hungarian genealogist and computer whiz who lives in Germany but is one of the more active members of MACSE (the Hungarian genealogy association).

I can't seem to attach anything to messages in this interface, but I have looked up the marriage in question; it's on image 767 of digital film number 4946483. (Being 1942, it's in Slovak.)

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