Lost relatives in New York #usa


I would love help with one of my (smaller) brick walls.  This is a long shot, but I'm out of ideas! My paternal grandmother came from the shtetl of Vselyb ouside Navardok (Novogrudok), Belarus. The family name was Berkovsky, changed to Brown by the first immigrant. In 1907, Kreine Berkovsy from that town came to NY and was met by her brother Wolf/Velvil. These are certainly my relatives (Kreine is a family name, and my own Jewish name). Our known Kreine and Wolf became Kate and William. I am hampered in tracking down the 1907 siblings by not having a clue what their names became, much less whom she married. Do they ring a bell with anyone in this group?  Happy for other search ideas, but I think my best hope is for somebody to recognize these people and who they became.

Carol Isenberg Clingan

Dedham MA


Moishe Miller

I have a twofold suggestion:
  • share the manifest for the 1907 arrival. It most likely gives name, relationship and address of a relative in the "old country" and the same for their destination in the US
  • use the website to search for marriages in New York, where the parent's name start with 
I looked up Kreine's arrival in 1907. It is the old manifest style, so there is no "old country" name/address. But, it does say she was going to her brother, Wolf Berkowsky, c/o Mr Salamon, at 82 East Broadway, in Manhattan. This sounds like it might be what you call, "Our known Kreine and Wolf".    
For anyone else that want a look, the 1907 ship manifest is here:
BTW, using sounds like on Stephen Morse's website, there is another arrival you might want to look at:
Burkowska, Karianna arriving in 1903, age 17, from Viczing. (SHIP NAME Rotterdam, ARRIVAL DATE February 14th, 1903, PORT OF DEPARTURE Rotterdam, Holland, line 9 of frame 288)
Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY
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