Seeking kin of GGF VULF SHESKIN OF VILNA #lithuania


My grandmother, Sora Yenta Sheskin, was born in Vilna c. 1884. She married Yitzhak Golomb in 1909 and they together had 4 children (including my mother).  Sadly, Sora Yenta died in Vilna in 1919.  The only other Sheskin that I know of is Sora Yenta’s father, Vulf Sheskin.  Is anyone connected to these Sheskins and thus able to provide me with some information?  I know there are some Vulf Sheskins In the ALD but I don’t know enough to be able to determine if they are the correct individuals.

Many thanks in advance.

Judy Kasman


Sue Brundage

There are some Seskins in the St. Louis Missouri area.