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Looking for further information about my grandfather Harry Boyarsky who joined the 38th Royal Fusiliers in September 2018. Born in Lida nr Grodno he emigrated to Montreal after the war. 
Nicholas Boyarsky

Dahn Cukier


You are looking for soldiers of the 39th battalion. Volunteers from
US and Canada.

I do not have full access via Ancestry, but from time to time
they open UK or full access for free. I do not remember where I
found a card for my grandfather, but when ancestry last opened
(or familysearch) free access, I found more documents.

There is a museum at Avihayl, (north of Netanya) but if no one supplied information
of the person-they have nothing. They had nothing for me
when I was there, not even my grandfather's name.


When you start to read readin,
how do you know the fellow that
wrote the readin,
wrote the readin right?

Festus Hagen
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Looking for further information about my grandfather Harry Boyarsky who joined the 38th Royal Fusiliers in September 2018. Born in Lida nr Grodno he emigrated to Montreal after the war. 
Nicholas Boyarsky

Michael Hoffman

Nicholas Boyarsky, are you related to a Rose Boyarsky who married Isaac Solomons (Schloski) in London, England? Isaac Solomons is related to me via. his mother Esther (Berger) Schloski who was one my maternal grandfathers older sisters.

Michael Hoffman

PS. I have some photographs of some of their children.


Patricia Klindienst <epk13@...>

Dear Nicholas,
I've done a good deal of research on the Jewish Legion/Royal Fusiliers.  I found your grandfather's listing in the British medal rolls and am attaching it.  If you'd like more information about the group just let me know. Happy to help.

My best,
Patricia Klindienst


I'm not sure. I'm at the beginning of the story. We know that Harry was born in Lida (now Belorus) and that he emigrated with his parents Abraham/Avigdor and Frume (Rozenburg) to London as a boy. We have a picture of him aged say 5 at a primary school. After serving in the Jewish Legion he emigrated to Montreal where my father was born. He must have had brothers and sisters that he left behind in London. So it would be interesting to discuss further.

best regards


Joyce Field <jfield@...>

My father was also in the Jewish Legion, 38th Fusiliers. I was able to get limited information from Avichail on him.  There are three out of print interesting books on the Jewish Legion:
The Story of the Jewish Legion, by Vladimir Jabotinsky
With the Judaens in the Palestine Campaign, by Col. J.H. Patterson
Lone Wolf, by Shmuel Katz, a 2-volume biography of Jabotinsky
Joyce Field
West Lafayette, INDIANA

Michael Hoffman

Hi Nicholas, 
To search for Births Marriages and Deaths in the UK, first do a search on the following free website 

To order certificates you should only use the UK's General Register Office at
Once you have registered you can use the search for Births before 1916 which will indicate the mothers family name before marriage,
this website is the only website that I would recommend that you order certificates from.

You will need to search for Boyarsky in the 1911 Census for England & Wales, be aware that when the Government Official recording the
Census wrote down what he thought he heard the name was, you should also search the similar name of"Boyarsk" note no "Y" on the end.

I would suggest that you join the facebook page for the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain.

If you need any advice in UK research you can put messages on the facebook page of the JGS of Great Britain, or contact me!

Best regards,

Michael Hoffman



There is another excellent book on the history of the Jewish Legion.    "The Jewish Legion and the First World War", by Martin Watts.  Publisher - Palgrave (Macmillan) 2004.

I agree that the book by Martin Watts is very good.

My grandfather, Abraham Tattenbaum who was born in Newcastle, joined HM Forces in early 1917.  He was accepted for service in the 15th Battalion, London Regiment (Prince of Wales' Own Civil Service Rifles).  In February 1918, he transferred to the 39th Battalion of the Royal Fusiliers.

Emma Tait


The website "British Jews in the First World war We were there too" is worth a look

The Pattinson book is available to view online,%20J.%20H.%20(John%20Henry),%201867-1947

Marsha Rosenberg