Weinstein/ Skora/Zlotschewer/Blecher families #poland

alizah hochstead

I am also rather new to this and not to successful. My grand father was Oscar Aron Weinstein his wife was Rochel Yetta Skora Weinstein (Possibly SHmuckler. My grandfather was from the Poland but moved around as his father had remarried. He did have a half brother named Mayer.

The Becker's Email

It would be helpful if you stated specifically what you are looking for.  Also, approximately when was your gf born?  What was the name of his father and his second wife?  Where might the family have lived?  The more information you can provide, the easier it will be to help.
Johanna Becker

Stephen Weinstein

Was he born around 1880 and did he leave the UK on 20 Sept 1904 going to the U.S.?  My great-grandfather's first wife (not my great-grandmother) may be the person listed after Aron Weinstein on a record in the "UK, Outward Passenger Lists, 1890-1960" on ancestry.com and after Aaron Weinstein on the passenger manifest at https://heritage.statueofliberty.org .  Or maybe not.  My great-grandfather changed his name to Weinstein (it wasn't his birth name), supposedly because the person ahead of him on line had that name.  Some of the details of the story that I heard are definitely not accurate, so it's possible that it was the person ahead of her on line, not the person ahead of him, and that it was your grandfather.  And his second wife (my great-grandmother) was named Yetta (so her married name was Yetta Weinstein).  And he had a niece named Rochel.  All of which is probably coincidence.

Stephen Weinstein
Camarillo, CA, USA