Need Help Interpreting Ellis Island Manifest #records

Jx. Gx.


On page 1 of your grandmother's manifest there is an "X" next to her name. I believe that means she was detained.  Women traveling alone or with children were detained until a husband, brother or other family member could be contacted.  At the end of the manifest there should be a separate listing of detainees.  My grandmother was also detained for this same reason until her husband came to collect her.  In her case, the detainee list was typed. If the list was typed in your grandmother's case that might give you answers to some of your questions.

Jeffrey Gee


I would appreciate help in interpreting the writing on my grandmother's Ellis Island manifest.   I am interested in lines 10 to 13, Gitel Malke WEINBERG and children Neche, Freida Taube, and Moshe.  
- Columns 10,11 page 1; 20, page 2:  I believe that the town she was from, and where she was born, is Dobrzyn, Plock Gubernia.  Is this correct?  Unfortunately, there are two Dobrzyns in Plock: Golub-Dobrzyn and Dobrzyn nad Wisla.
- Column 11, page 1: What is her mother's name?  I believe the surname is GARTNER, but can't determine the first name at all.  This woman would be my great-grandmother.
- Column 18, page 2: What is the name of her husband?  I believe it says Itzig WEINBERG.  Is this true?  He would be my grandfather and I know that his name was Isaac/Yitzchak.  I also know that Itzig is Yiddish for that.
Thanks very much.
Mark Weinberg
Wilmington, Delaware