Strauss Family of Staden, Hessen and Grünebaum Family of Gambach, Hessen #germany

Ralph Baer

I have recently been compiling data on the descendants of Hirsch STRAUß II and his wife Scheile (later Jeanette/Jannette/Johannette) of Stade in the current Wetteraukreis in Hessen (formerly in Oberhessen).  Is anyone familiar with this family? 
Hirsch STRAUß was born about 1784 and died on 7 March 1860 in Staden. Scheile was born about 1789 and died there on 22 September 1869.
I strongly suspect that Scheile was the same person as Schönle, the eldest child of my 3rd-great grandfather Kaufmann GRÜNEBAUM (1757 – 22 April 1840 Gambach) and the only child of his first and unknown wife. See the page from the 1818 Gambach list of Jews attached showing her as born in 1792 and moving in 1816 to Stade. I am descended from her half-brother Moses GRÜNEBAUM.
Hirsch and Scheile had the following five children:
1. Rebeka STRAUß 1819 Staden – about 1822 Staden
2. Dey (Dottchen) STRAUß 1821 Staden
3. Rebecca (Ricka) STRAUß 25 January 1825 Staden
4. Beile (Bettchen) STRAUß 3 August 1827 Staden – 9 April 1884 Staden, unmarried
5. Joseph Löb STRAUß 11 August 1831 Staden, married 29 October 1863 Langenselbold to Hindel (Hanchen) ROSENTHAL about 1837 Langenselbold
I am sure that a daughter was named for Scheile’s mother or perhaps both Rebeccas. I have not yet located the second and third child. The death record of Bettchen on Ancestry gives her mother’s name as Johannette Kaufmann corresponding to her mother’s patronymic, Kaufmann. It was supplied by her brother. Since Scheile had married before family names were adopted, it is not surprising that GRÜNEBAUM was not used. I am interested in seeing what the other death records state.

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