The Jews of Panevezys and Kupiskis, Lithuania. #lithuania

Does anyone know what happened to the majority of the Jews in these towns during WWll?

Max Heffler

The JewishGen Yizkor Book Translation Project,, has stores about these town. One book I coordinate, Lite (Lithuania),, has translated and untranslated chapters, Donations are welcome:


These are untranslated:


1.      Rabbi Isaac of Panevczhys

2.      The Kibutz of Panevezhys

3.      The Destruction of the Jews in the Ghetto of Shauliai and of the Adjacent Towns

The First Massacres – The Tanneries – The Jews Forced into the Ghetto – The “Aktionen” – Aerodrome – The Hospital – The Public School – The “Werkstuben” (Workhouses) – The Reduction of the Ghetto Area – The Turf-Decree – August 20, 1942 – The List of the 27 – The Winter-Camps – Working Places Outside of the Ghetto – The Abolishing of the Currency System – Camps of 1943 – The Gallows – Reopening of the School – - The “Kasernierung” (Transfer to Barracks) – Children “Aktion” – The Rescued Children – Change in the Ghetto Administration – Camp A. B. A. – Evacuation from the Camps – Evacuation from the Ghetto of Shauliai – Foreign Camps of Panevezhys and Jonishkis – Extermination of the Jews of Tytuvenai – The Perishing Jews of Telshiai and Adjacent Alsedzhiai, Vevirzhenai, Varnel, Zharenai, Tverai, Luoke, Navarenai, Plunge, Plateliai, Rietava – Why No Renstance? – Our Annihilation and the Lithuanian Attitude.


4.       To the History of the Destruction of the Lithuanian Jewry

Introductory – How the Jews Were Tortured to Death in Panevzhys – Atrocious Killings of the Jews in Mariampole – The Perishing of the Jews in Garleva, Pakonys, Veiveriai, Mavruchiai and Other Communities Near Kaunas – A Lithuanian Professor Repents.


These are translated:


1.      From Pumpenai to Kaunas


Pumpenai – Pasvalys – Panevezhys – Keidan [Kedainiai] – In Janova [Jonuva] – in Shirvint [Shirvintai] – In Tavrig [Taurage] – In Kovno (Kaunas).


2.      The Jewish Panevezhys

Social Activities – The Old Mode of Living – The Rabbi of Panevezhys – Maskilim and Revolutionaries – Deputy of the Duma (Parliament of Russia).


3.      Panevezhys in 1906

4.      The Jewish Common Folk of Panevezhys

5.      Panevezhys After the First World War

6.      A Visit to Panevezhys in 1938

7.      Through Lithuania (Cities and Towns)

Mariampole – Vilkavishkis by Berl London – Telshai – Raseiniai by N. Ben-Chaim – Utena – Jonuva by Peisach Janever – Taurage – Birzhai by I. R. – Kedainiai by Ben-Alexander – Mazheikiai by Josephus – Rokishkis by Yudel Gapanovitch – Plunge by N. Rill – Jurbarkas – Lazdijai by I Dan – Anykshchiai – Zarasai – Kupishkis – Prienai – Zhagare – Kudirkos-Naumiestis by Z. Tumpovsky – Pandelis – Seredzhius by G-n – Seta – Balbierishkis – Chekishkis by R. K. – Gelvonai – Pushalotas – Veliuona – Shiaulenai by Ben-Daniel – Onushkis by L. B. E. – Rudamynas by Daniel Riback – Kuliai – Taujenai by A. Walt.



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Does anyone know what happened to the majority of the Jews in these towns during WWll?


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