Philadelphia: Sautter #usa


While preparing a 1,500 name database of Mauthausen German and Austrian born victims, Jews and non-Jews,  (Will be on the web soon) I was startled to find someone born in Philadelphia, the only person born in the United States.  He, Friedrich Sautter, born 1890 in Philadelphia, is listed as a Berufsverbrecher, ie. a person convicted of more than one criminal act.  This designation includes Jews and non-Jews, so I cannot determine his religion.  Posted on the slight chance that someone might be interested.
Peter Lande
Washington, D.C.

Sherri Bobish


Some info from records on Ancestry, other info from family tree on Ancestry.

Friedrich Sautter, son of Adam & Pauline.
born Dec. 2, 1890 Philadelphia.
baptized Oct. 10, 1891.
married Pauline.
daughter Frieda born May 9, 1919 in Germany, d. 1996 in Germany
Frieda married Alexander Jerger, d. 1999 Germany

Looks like Frieda & Alexander had a child that is still living (marked private on tree on Ancestry.)


Sherri Bobish
Princeton, NJ