Cracking a brick wall - Hershkowitz in Bucharest in the early 20th century - #romania

Marc Friedman

I have recently inherited a quantity of family photos, and much to my surprise there was a photo postcard printed in Bucharest that was identified as my great grandmother's eldest brother, Morris Hershkowitz (anglicized spelling), with his wife and son. 

Based on the probable year of birth for this great granduncle (early 1870's), and my grandfather's brothers (1896-1905), and comparing it to the picture (the son appears to be less than 10 years old - in a sailor's suit, no less), I figure the picture dates from around 1900.

The only other information I have is my great grandparents' marriage record, where my great grandmother's parents are listed as Harry Herscovitz and Mimi Iuster.  Harry (Shimon Zvi) came over with the 4 younger children in 1888 (the mother died before emigration), and that the family was originally from Onesti (from the Hamburg ship registry).  As far as I know (oral history), Morris never emigrated to the US.

Another part of the oral history (which is always questionable until it can be documented) is that between the wars, the family/cousins were very involved in the largest department store in Bucharest (as I said, this may be questionable).

If anyone has any constructive hints as to how to break through this brick wall - or if there is a member out there who is related to these individuals, I would be interested in hearing from you.

Irvine, CA

GERMANY:  APFEL (Bretten and Sinsheim, Baden); KAHN (Rimbach, Hesse-Darmstadt/Chicago, IL); LAUMAN (Spachbruecken, Hesse-Darmstadt/Attica, IN); MAYER (Nierstein, Rheinpfalz/Chicago, IL and Milwaukee, WI); PFEIFER (Eberbach, Baden/Little Rock, AR)

HUNGARY:  SACZ/SCHATZ (Satoralja Uhjely); LAZAROVITZ (Marmaros Szighet/Chicago, IL); SERMER/SCHERMER (Satoralja Ujhely/Pittsburgh, PA); WEINGARTEN (Satoralja Ujhely);

LITHUANIA and LATVIA/KURLAND:  ABRAMOWITZ/FRIEDMAN (Pasvalys and Kurland/Pittsburgh, PA); FRANKENSTEIN (Verzhbolovo and Wilkowisk/Pittsburgh, PA); HADAS; TSESARSKY/CHESARSKI (Panevezh);




Sherri Bobish


Try searching for a listing in old city directories for Morris Hershkowitz in Bucharest at:

You can limit search location to Bucharest.

I did a soundex search for Hershkowitz, which was not helpful.  But, a soundex search for Herschkowitz found many hits with variant spellings, i.e. Gerskowitz,
Herskovits, and others.


Sherri Bobish
Princeton, NJ