Obtain copies National Archives U.K. at Kew pertaining Julius BERNARD of Purley(Surrey), period 1937-1946 #records

Jill Whitehead

Purley is part of the London Borough of Croydon if you wish to search electoral registers or the 1939 Register (both on Find my Past). 

I am researching the history of the Jewish Viennese family that occupied my house from the 1940's to the 1990's and came over in 1939. I have their naturalisation records, but cannot get their background papers due to a change in the confidentiality/data protection laws in 2012. I have put in a Freedom of Information Request to Kew but have heard nothing so far, and the enquirer has to say what sort of information they are seeking in the Freedom of Information Request.  You may find the information you are seeking is also subject to Data Protection/confidentiality, or it may not exist, or was destroyed.  

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK



I hope to find information of a period in the life of my grandfather of which I know very little. I am looking for details about him during 1937 - when he arrived in the U.K. after a period in The Netherlands- up till 1946 when he left Peine (Germany) where he had been stationed with the British Army of the Rhine  (civil service with officer status).
Name: BERNARD, Julius, born January 19, 1888, Robertson (S.A.).
Two possibly related files found at the National Archives at Kew:


KV 4/333


Correspondence regarding The Security Service contribution to the Censorship Department's 'History of Censorship 1938-1946'. This file includes that part of the Censorship Department's wartime history relating to counter espionage




WO 267/599


2 District Censorship Station


1946 July - Sept.

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The National Archives, Kew

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Public Record(s)

Ron Peeters
Ulvenhout (NL)