Sperbers Galicia #galicia

Hannah Sperber

Looking for Philip, Chaim, Halina, Henry, Irene and Nathan Sperber from Galicia

Hannah Sperber


Hi Hannah,

One cousin of my father (Miriam) was married to a man called Sigmund Sperber If you want I can talk with his daughter and try to find out from where he his. What I know from him is that he was born in Europe and moved to Argentina probably due to the war where he married Miriam, later they moved to Santiago Chile and then moved to Beer- Sheva Israel.

Sara Abrashkin

Joseph Lonstein

Hi Hannah,

Do you know where in Galicia?  I'm searching for a Sperber family from Sieniawa, Galicia (now Poland).  There was a very large Sperber family in and near Zablotow and Ivano-Frankivsk (now Ukraine), although I can't yet find any connection to my Sieniawa family. 


Joe Lonstein

Jeffrey Knisbacher

I am a 111 point Y-DNA match to an Oliver SPERBER. Can send a published article about this connection to anyone interested in putting our families together. Does anyone here know who this Oliver is?  Jeff Knisbacher