Lipshitz family from Skokie-Chicago #usa

Neil Rosenstein

Trying to make contact with the family of Rabbi Dr. Abraham Lipshitz
(formerly Lippsch├╝tz), an educator, born in Lodz on May 5, 1922 and
died in 2017 (father of Ann and Rose) as well as his brother Charles
Lipshitz, also died in 2017 (father of Rabbi Leon Lipshitz and Deborah
Katz (mother of Yaakov Katz, an American-born Israeli journalist and
author and Editor-in-Chief of The Jerusalem Post since 2016 and three
other children).

Chicago Bubby

I can help you with that. Dr. Abraham Lipshitz' daughters both live in Israel. Their names are Anne Silverstein and Rose Nathan. Anne lived in Chicago until a number of years ago. Charles' daughter Deborah also lives in Israel, but his son, Leon lives in Chicago and I know him well. I'd be happy to provide you with his contact information. I don't want to put it in a public post, but if you email me at cmeyssub@... I can give you Leon's information. If you need it, I should be able to obtain contact information for Anne as well (I'd need to make a phone call or two; let me know).

There is another Lipshitz family here related to the above. Sam Lipshitz lives in Skokie. I believe that his father was cousin to Abraham & Charles (sorry, I don't remember his first name; maybe Henry, but I'm not sure). I have his contact information too if it helps.

Cyndee Meystel
Chicago, IL