My Heritage - Theory of Family Relativity (+ Ancestry & 23andMe) #general

Moishe Miller

Hello Group,
I find the varied responses so interesting. For me, I have found:
  • Ancestry: with my 164,747 matches, ThruLines only gave me results 6 generations back, almost all of them tied to a tree that is not true. This is not Ancestry's fault as the tree was copied by many people and is sadly, pervasive. However, it did link me to a real 3c1r and with that, I brought my Schwimmer tree from Munkacz back 4 generations. It was my best and most definitive DNA success, supported by genealogical sources in both the USA and Europe.
  • 23andMe: with my 1,381 results, pedigree collapse and endogamy, it did a fair job and I found 3 new lines that I am exploring. BTW, for those that feel they do not have enough matches, I have tested my father also, and 23andMe tells me 1,379 of the 1381 matches are paternal.
  • MyHeritage: with my 12,357 matches; it by far gave me the most results. I was able to use those results to find the same cousins in Ancestry, where there was no Thruline. I think the results for me were mainly from Israelis with Galician and Austria-Hungarian ancestry.
Stay safe, stay healthy,
Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY
JGFF# 3391