Searching for records of immigration to tSRAEL from KISHINEV and MOINEST #bessarabia #romania

Yoram Millman

Are there any records from KISHINEV  (or KALARASH) to find out how the immigration to Palestine was handled  during the first Aliya 1882-1906 ?
An organized Aliya was done in MOINESHT ( BACCAU District)   . A society aiming to get Jews to immigrate to Palestine and work in agriculture was formed in Moinesht ( 1875) and brought to the land of Israel the founders of Rosh Pina and Zichron Yaacov,

Yefim Kogan


we do not have anything from Moldovan archive about Jews leaving for Israel...  You probably may find some records about them in Israel.
I would be also interested to see such records.

All the best,