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My great-grandfather's name was Feivel Tsibulsky (Zibulsky?). He perished with his second wife during the holocaust. They died as martyrs, heroically, and I need information to proceed with a search. I cannot find any records of them. I know they lived in Kodima (Kodyma?), in the Ukraine. I am trying to find out given names,  birthdate (or assumed birthdate), where they may have lived prior to the war, or anything else. His daughter, my maternal grandmother, was Mania (Manya?), married to Max Gorbaty.
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Barbara Hemmendinger

Since it is a fairly uncommon surname, I will mention that my paternal grandmother’s (Sarah Elk) maiden name was Zibulsky.  She was born in Pereyaslav, Ukraine, in 1894.  Her parents were Leib Yankov Zibulsky (1860-1937) and Ida Shefkowitz Zibulsky (1864-1948).  Please PM me for more discussion, if you wish.  Thanks. 

~Barbara Elk Hemmendinger 


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Date: Mon, Aug 10, 2020 at 12:07 AM

Hi, Cheryl,
My name Is Gregory Tsybulsky, father of Miriam, my father's name was David Tsybulsky. His father's name was Gershel Tsybulsky. He is from Ukraine, Poltava region, small town Gadiach. He was born in 1898. I have relatives living in Israel and USA. Go to website "23 and me" and we can check our DNA and how close we are.
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I have never seen this name other than on a piece of paper on my Mom's possession that we came across after her death.  Her family names include Feldman which was supposedly Feldon, Goldman, Sabatsky, possibly Kosbsky too.