1917 marriage, 1935 death in Vienna

Joseph Lonstein

I'm hoping to find the names of the parents of an Adolf Grossbard, who married in Vienna in 1917 to Fanny Kupferstein-Binder.  I'm particularly interested in his place of birth and his mother's maiden name.  1917 is too recent for Ancestry to have the Viennese marriage record scanned, and it was a military service so maybe not easily found, anyway.  Adolf died in 1935 and is buried in Zentralfriedhof, under the misspelling "Grossbart", in the same grave with a Sarah Grossbard and close to a Solomon Grossbard (their ages suggest they could be his parents). Adolf's death in 1935 was also too recent to be online.  If this Sarah is his mother, it's possible her maiden name was Laufer or Sperber. Any suggestions how to find more? 

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Joe Lonstein
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Joachim Mugdan

Joe Lonstein asked how to obtain Jewish vital records from Vienna. The birth, marriage and death records of the Jewish community in Vienna have been indexed by GenTeam. For the years 1794-1911, FamilySearch has scanned the records. One can get digital copies of more recent records from the archives of the Jewish community for a fee. The volume and entry numbers found in the GenTeam database should be quoted.


Joachim Mugdan

Basel, Switzerland

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For any vital information from Austria and surroundings (Moravia, etc)  I suggest that you go to the website Genteam.org   This is a free web site, but you need to register.  It has all sorts of valuable information, including births, marriages (including the location of the marriage), place of death (including addresses), date and locations of burial, location of stone, etc.  This web site lists marriages well into the 1930s.  I urge anyone who is doing research in Vienna and the surrounding to check out this web site, if you have not already done so. 

For your request,  I went to Genteam.org, then "Datenbank"  drop down menu to Vienna.  For the search, I simply put in Grossbard Adolf.   I suggest that you explore this web site further.    It appears that the two individuals you have named may have had a marriage in the military in 1917.  Unfortunately, the record does not list parents - possibly because it was a military marriage. Since the record is identified by number, you may be able to follow up on this.   Here is what I found:.

No. Details Year Last Name First Name Code Location First Name Father
1917 Grossbard Adolf 2 Militärseelsorge  
1917 Kupferstein recte Binder Fanny 2 Militärseelsorge

Liinking on  "Detail" for Adolf, I found the following:
No. 214033
Last Name Grossbard
First Name Adolf
Code 2
First Name Father  
Last Name Mother  
First Name Mother  
Location Militärseelsorge
Volume MS4
Date 24.05.1917
Number 46
Number Add  
Last Name Bride Kupferstein recte Binder
First Name Bride Fanny

If you go to Viennese Jewish cemeteries you will find the following:
Grossbard Betti 66 1938.11.04 ZF Tor 4 20
Grossbard Frimme 72 1938.01.30 ZF Tor 4 48
Grossbard Isak 49 1931.06.12 ZF Tor 4 7
Grossbard Juda 64 1939.06.09 ZF Tor 4 8
Grossbard Salomon 57 1931.11.01 ZF Tor 4 26
Grossbard Sarah 55 1933.03.24 ZF Tor 4 9

Adolf is listed under Grossbart, along with several other individuals.
I am sure that there is a wealth of more information that you can explore on Genteam.org. 
Avivah Pinski
near Philadelphia

Avivah R. Z. Pinski ,  near Philadelphia, USA

E. Randol Schoenberg

You can find the same Viennese birth, marriage, death index information on Jewishgen’s Austria-Czech database as you will find on GenTeam. On JewishGen you can do a search for two surnames at the same time, which is very helpful. Also you can use the sounds like or phonetic spelling on JewishGen.

Randy Schoenberg
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Joseph Lonstein

Sorry, I think my original question was unclear.  I had originally obtained that information from GenTeam.at and the IKG cemetery database.  The marriage and death are too recent to be on Ancestry (scans only cover up to 1911 for some districts).  How can I access records that are more recent and not online?  Will IKG provide? 
Joe Lonstein


According to his marriage record (Vienna Jewish Militärseelsorge 1917) Adolf GROSSBART was born Dec 1, 1889 in Biala, Galicia, to Benjamin GROSSBART and his wife Fanny/Feigel nee OFFNER. Adolf married May 24, 1917 Fanny BINDER, born Jul 19, 1892 in Jaroslau, Galicia, to Wolf BINDER (KUPFERSTEIN) and Chane nee KÜHNBERG. That time Adolf had military service as a "Feldgendarm". Daughter Herta was born Aug 28, 1918 in Vienna. Adolf commited suicid Dec 28, 1935 in Vienna. He was buried alone at Vienna Zentralfriedhof Tor 4, 16a-7-9. As fare as I can see non of his ancestors appears in Vienna. His wife was deported 1941 from Vienna and murdered Nov 29, 1941 in Kowno/Kaunas