Zacks/Sacks, Rosenblum, in Toronto #canada


Nathan Phillips, the beloved mayor of Toronto, was a Rosenblum on his mother's side. I believe his children/grandchildren still live in Toronto and they'd probably be easy to locate. I am also a Rosenblum descendant, probably related to the mayor, though I don't know all the names in his tree--nor do I recognize the names you mention.. My Rosenblum connection is via Samuel Rosenblum of Kovno. Another probable relative was Herzl Rosenblum (Vardi), one of the founding fathers of Israel.

Neil Rosenstein

Trying to make contact with the Rosenblum family of Toronto who trace
their ancestry back to the Horowitz Rabbinical family from Rabbi Zvi
Hirsch Horowitz of Frankfurt and author of Machneh Levi -Jacob (Jack)
Rosenblum of Toronto, born in 1938, whose children are Dafna Rayzel
Bluma (married Rabbi Refael Zacks), Sara Leah (Sari), married Doron
Shalmon (Suleimanoff), and Dov Pinchas Rosenblum, Arieh Yishayahu

Neil Rosenstein