Issac Barr / Levine #usa

Mordechai Perlman

My wife's great-grandfather left Russia and emigrated to New York in the late 1800's. His name was isaac Barr. On his tombstone in New York the name was Yitzchok Yehuda. He was taken in by a family in New York called Levine. Out of gratitude to them, he changed his family name from Barr to Levine. He married a woman named Bessie. They were an Orthodox couple who were self-employed, running a bottle-cap business. They were fortunate in that way for it allowed them to make sure that they could keep Shabbos faithfully. My late mother-in-law Elaine Nitsberg, was a daughter of their daughter, Claire Levine. Isaac passed away 40 years before his wife and she lived as a widow until the end of her days.

If anyone has any information about Isaac Levine or his wife Bessie; perhaps about the Barr family, I would appreciate it.

Mordechai Perlman
Ramot, Jerusalem, Israel


Hi Mordechai,

My Grandma Dwojra { Dora ) Barr ( Ber ) came from Warsaw to NYC in 1923. I believe her mothers name was Alta Broner /Brener. There family was all in the profession of baker. This all that I really know about my grandmas past. Hope this can help.
On another matter, On my Grandfathers papers it shows he came from Zabo Poland have you heard of this town?

Please advise
Gerald Kleinman, Florida