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I don't really expect an answer but I will give it a try.  I am helping a friend with her tree and one last name for a relative from Ukraine is Prince also spelled Printz.  The name was changed from an "unpronounceable" name.  Any guesses as to what that name could have been?


Todd Cohn

I’ll take a shot!  Parkansky.  

My name is Todd Cohn.  Cohn in my case was actually originally Parkansky.  We can trace ourselves back to a few shtetls in Ukraine, primarily Grigoriopol and Bendery, in Tiraspol.  We assume we originally hailed from the town of Parkan.   I was told, and have a couple pictures of “cousins” named Prinz (I think that’s how they spelled it.). The only thing I know was that they supposedly went to St Louis, Mo.  hope this helps!


Just for fun I plugged "Parkan" into Google Translate. I did a reverse lookup and it told me that паркан (parkan) is  Ukrainian for fence.

Alan Shuchat

In Ukrainian and Russian, one word for prince is князь (knyaz’). Maybe that’s the “unpronounceable name.
Alan Shuchat
Newton, MA

Yefim Kogan

Not sure how you came up with the link between PRINTZ and PARKAN...
If go to Beider's surnames encyclopedia  you find PRINTZ is coming from female name SHPRINTS (sorry to disappoint you),  and also from prince.
SHPRITS was common in some towns in Bessarabia.

I understand that Jews changed their names, as my great great grandfather did,  and I do not know what that surname was.