Help finding a naturalization in ED or SD NY for Sosche TOBIAS #usa

Susan Goldsmith

Dear Genners,
Sosche TOBIAS arrived 13 Jun 1943 in NYC from Hamburg on the Vaterland., line 1.  
There is a notation on the manifest: 2-122347?, I think, if I am reading it correctly, dated 20 Feb 1943.  I am trying to find Sosche's actual naturalization documents, so far without success. 
I know the 2 is for New York; I tried the number 122347 in the FamilySearch catalog of films for ED NY, but it didn't work.  Do I know from the date that it is merely a verification date or is it an admission to citizenship date?  Does the number mean anything?  Have I read the number correctly? Is there a way to get Sosche's petition number?  I have tried GermanGen and JGSNY for Sosche or another name beginning with S with no luck. Should I start with 20 Feb 1943 as a naturalization date and go through ED NY films page by page?
Am I correct that only the ED NY actual naturalization documents are online on Family Search and not the SD NY actual naturalization documents? 
Is there a naturalization maven in the house?
Thank you,
Susan Goldsmith
San Francisco Bay Area, CA



Susan Goldsmith
San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA
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David Oseas


As you surmised, the 2 before the hyphen in the manifest notation indicates that Sosche filed for naturalization in New York.  The number following the hyphen (122347) is the number for the Certificate of Arrival that was issued.  Unfortunately, there is no index for these numbers, so, from a genealogical standpoint, the number is useless.  The verification took place on 20 Feb 1943.  I have seen the verification done anywhere from a year, up to a couple of weeks, before the Petition for Naturalization (and, in one odd case, even a couple of weeks afterward), with most about one month before the Petition.

In this case, I would search for a naturalization petition in New York around January, 1943.   If you have access to Ancestry (your local library may be providing free remote access during the pandemic), I would take advantage of Ancestry's naturalization index collections -- they seem to have more extensive naturalization indexes than FamilySearch.  Also remember that Ancestry databases usually reference the date that the Naturalization Certificate was issued, which is typically one year after the Petition is filed.  Once you have identified potential candidates in an index, record the court location, document number and volume or date, then locate the actual documents on FamilySearch.

FamilySearch does have the actual naturalization documents for the Southern District as well as the Eastern District.  The SD collection is located here:

David Oseas

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