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joseph just

Can anyone translate for me the note near the marriage of David Weisz and Johanna Blumenthal. It is in Hungarian.

Klára Majoros

Dear Joseph,
I have no time for a detailed translation but the essence is that after different court cases in two courts the marriage ended with a divorce on 21 Febr. 1903.



Dated in Berczel, 1 March 1903. The marriage registered herein between Dávid Weisz and Johanna Blumenthal is dissolved per the Hungarian Royal Curia's III. degree decision dated 11 February 1903 under civil number 8364 and publicized under number 1225 dated 21 February 1903 of the royal court of law of Balassagyarmat. Béla Géczy registrar. As certification of the copy, in Berczel 1 March 1903. Béla Géczy registrar.
As certification of the entry. BGyarmat 2 March 1903. [signature: Balogh?], archivist.

Number 15. Dated in Berczel, 1 June 1897.
Groom: Dávid Weisz, Jewish, mixed-goods merchant, residence Balassa-Gyarmat, birthplace Ipolyság, 6 February 1873, known personally to registrar
Father: Bernát Weisz, hairdresser/barber, Balassa-Gyarmat
Mother: Mrs. Bernát Weisz born Netti Fremd, homemaker, Balassa-Gyarmat
Bride: Johanna Blumenthal, Jewish, machinist's family member, residence and birthplace Berczel, 10 January 1874, known personally to registrar
Father: Márkus Blumenthal, steam-mill machinist, Berczel

Mother: Mrs. Márkus Blumenthal born Lotti Lévi, homemaker, Berczel
Witness: Ábrahám Markusz, butcher, Berczel, age 54 years, known personally to registrar
Witness: Mór Blumenthal, registered merchant, Berczel, age 44 years, known personally to registrar

(Sorry, completist streak, and my parents were both born in Balassagyarmat.)

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