David Mendel (or Mendl David) SIGAL - Vienna - Burial Record 1940 and Gravestone - #holocaust #translation

Selma Sheridan

David Mendel (or Mendl David) SIGAL, born Kozova 1881, died Vienna Jan. 1940, was the brother of my grandfather, Israel Berl SIGAL; so my great-uncle. 

Here are my questions about his burial record, see attachment.  (1) He died at Sp.I.K.G - Spital der IKG - probably Rothschild Hospital, which has since been demolished.  Do their records exist; where could I find them?  (2) The person authorized to dispose of the body (Verfügungsberechtigter) was Israel S.(surely Israel SIGAL) at 1 Kai 45.  This address was a Sammelhaus where he and many other Jews were imprisoned.  How could the cemetery workers know that Israel was imprisoned there?  How would Israel know that his brother had died?  Would Israel have been released to go to the cemetery, would he have been present at the burial?  Does the word in brackets after the address read "Bruder" - brother?  (3) Who would have paid for the burial, when everyone was impoverished?  (4) Under "Funktionäre" what does the abbreviation say in German and what does it mean?  (5) Does the Zentralfriedhof keep written records about those buried there, and if so, how could I access these records?

Here are my questions about David Mendel's grave site and gravestone, see attachment.  (1) Burial plot was at Tor IV, Group 21, Row 39, Grave 15.  What are the German words for the 3-part abbreviation under the grave site details, and what is the English translation and meaning?  (2) Could the photo (see attached)  be the gravestone of my great-uncle?  Could you please translate the Hebrew?  (3) If this is not the correct gravestone, could a generous person take a photo of the correct gravestone?

Perhaps your answers will help to solve a decades-long mystery.  Many thanks in advance for any help or suggestions you can provide!

Selma Sigal Sheridan
Oswego NY