Finding passenger manifest for Harry Soffer #records

Marilyn Levinson

I have been searching without success for the passenger manifest of my relative Harry Soffer.  He was born November 20, 1890 and left Bremen Germany arriving at the port of Baltimore, Maryland on May 10th, 1901.  His last foreign residence was Bilzoreka, Russia.  His address in 1915 is 1516 Wash Street, St. Louis, Missouri.  Your help would be greatly appreciated.
Marilyn Levinson
Spring Lake NC

I can't find it.  Is it possible that he used another name? Do you know if he traveled with anyone? Parents? Cousins? Siblings? He was only 10 or 11.

Sherri Bobish

There is an Esther Soffer Golstein from Belazerka who naturalized  in 1940 and states she arrived in Baltimore May 15, 1901 on the ship Koln.

Since Marilyn said that Harry Soffer supposedly arrived in Baltimore May 10th, 1901, I think we can assume that Harry and Ester may be siblings and traveled together.

I also could not find a passenger record in the index, but searching for the Koln arriving mid-May 1901 may yield results by reading through the manifest pages.  Perhaps the page they were on somehow escaped indexing.
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Sherri Bobish
Princeton, NJ