Images for Indexed Projects? #hungary #romania

Don Engel

I'm so grateful for the work all the JewishGen volunteers do in indexing files.

For some indexes - at the moment, I'm looking at the Máramaros Vital Records Births index - the images don't seem to be publicly available anywhere. They were taken by (I think) a camera of the original books by a JewishGen volunteer.

I'm unclear on whether there's a good way to request the original image under such circumstances. For example, I know that my third-great-grandparents were "Jack Heimowitz" Zelig Heimowitz (in the index, Zelig Chaimovits) and "Lena Stern" of Kabola Csarda, Máramaros, Romania... The quoted versions are what appear in their children's records in America (Zelig and Lena didn't come to America themselves). The index shows a father named Zelig Chaimovits (with various close variations of the last name) on the birth records of seven children. The mother's name varies between Lane (x3), Lenye, Lana, and Seine (x2). I *think* these might all be the same mother, but it would be great to see the original image so I can see if the "S" and "L" are written is such a way that they would be easily confused with each other. The kids were all born 1851-1864, and Sene is the mother's name in (only) the first and last birth.

I don't mean to ask an overly specific question (although that's what motivating me to post this), but am (also) more generally interested in the etiquette/process around seeing the images (if that's at all possible) which were used to create a FamilySearch index.

- Don