Translation from Polish - Mila 18 Testimony #poland #holocaust #translation

Greg Tuckman

Thank you Jeff.  I am researching my ancestor Melech Blones who was also a member of the Ghetto resistance fighting group and died in the Mila 18 bunker.  Please share this document when it is translated.
Greg Tuckman


I would appreciate any assistance in translation of the attached document : Testimony 301-4873; Jewish Historical Institute Archives which contains information about Mila 18 in 1943.  This testimony may provide some useful background material useful to anyone researching the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, and as such the plan is to make the translation publicly available. My interest in this document is connected with my ongoing family research on Yitzak Suknik who was a member of the Ghetto resistance fighting group, who died trying to escape Mila 18 a day before its final collapse.
First part of document handwritten, followed by a typed up copy.