Gary Perlman, JGS of Montreal named 2020 Volunteer of the Year by the IAJGS #announcements #jgs-iajgs

Stanley Diamond

It is with great pride that the executive and membership of the JGS of Montreal learned that our colleague, Gary Perlman, is the recipient of the IAJGS 2020 Volunteer of the Year Award.


While Gary was recognized primarily for his contributions to JOWBR, his efforts extend far beyond photographing and documenting more than 100,000 gravestones. First, I would like to paraphrase several of the comments from JOWBR Coordinator Nolan Altman's letter of support for Gary’s nomination:


"Gary has exhibited an unending attention to detail from photography, to the coordination of photo manipulation and transliterations. In addition to gravestones, he has photographed the many Holocaust memorials in Montreal Cemeteries for JewishGen's Memorial Plaque Database.


Gary has also assisted in identifying and debugging JOWBR data-related issues. With his understanding of the system and the detailed way he reviews his submissions, he is the perfect person to help with this function."


In my own letter of support, I wrote about Gary’s creation of the superb JGS of Montreal website dashboard research tool, and the extensive detailed genealogical research articles. In his new role on the IAJGS "Documentation of Jewish Records Worldwide" technical team, Gary has been utilizing his many years of WorldCat expertise in this area, to help advance the DoJR mission. 


I could not write about Gary without mentioning something about volunteering in general that is very close to my heart. As President of the JGS of Montreal and Executive Director of JRI-Poland, I treasure volunteers who not only step forward when asked, but who carry out their tasks with passion and devotion in the most professional manner. Among all I have had the sincere pleasure to have worked with, Gary most certainly is one of the best in this regard and most deserving of the Volunteer of the Year award.


Stanley Diamond, M.S.M.  
President, Jewish Genealogical Society of Montreal

Nolan Altman

Congratulations Gary!  Well-deserved!