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I would very much appreciate any help someone might be able to give me with translating the attached document - which I am reliably informed is in Aramaic.

Thank you and best wishes to all,

Andrew Kopkin 

Kalman Appel

The text is indeed Aramaic.  The document is a traditional ketubah or marriage contract between a Jewish husband and wife.  Google “ketubah text translation” and look for a traditional translation, which will give you the printed parts of the document text.
Kalman Appel

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It is a Ktuba (Marriage contract) and it is indeed in Aramaic.  I could only make out the name of the groom – Yosef Haim son of Aliyahu.  Shalom, Malka Chosnek


Thank you and Shalom Malka!

That is my great grandfather's name: Yosef Haim ben Shimon Eliyahou [Alterman].

Dr.Josef ASH

o yes. This is Aramic.
the document is called "KeTUBA" - Marriage agreement.

"on Tuesday 13 of Siwan (Hebrew calendar month ) year 5683 (~May-June1923)
the groom Yosef Khaim son of reb (Mr) Shim'on Eliahu told to Bluma Dvora daughter of ... reb GUTMAN blessed memory...,"
And then - long text he promises that he will do for her.....
It is read loudly during the wedding.
Her mother keeps the ketuba.
I don't think many Israelies can translate it today without the dictionary. 
Sure you can find it in internet, but the important information I could read as it is written in Hebrew.
Josef ASH

Rodney Eisfelder

For a description of the boilerplate text of a traditional Ketubah, and the variations that are needed for various cases (divorced women, widows, converts etc, father living or not living), I usually consult
The location of the wedding (which I have not deciphered) is at the left hand end of the second line on your example.
I hope this helps,
Rodney Eisfelder
Melbourne, Australia


A big 'thank you' to all of you who have replied here or who have emailed me privately.

I believe I have individually thanked very one - but wanted to be sure by sending this too!

David Shapiro

The city was Homel. The date was Tues. Sivan 12. The year is not completely clear, i.e. the decade, but I think it was 5662 which was June 17, 1902. Definitely not 5682 when Sivan 12 fell on a Thursday. (And not 5683 when Sivan 12 when was Sunday, and Sivan 13 was Monday).
David Shapiro


The place of the marriage looks like it says "the city Hamel" and judging from the Cyrillic print at the bottom of the paper (which I don't read) I would assume the general area is either Russia or Ukraine. Searching on the townfinder you find Homyel Belarus which seems most likely.

Binyamin Kerman
Baltimore MD

Yitschok Margareten

In addition to the above translations, I would add that the Bride's father was deceased, the missing word in Dr. Ash's translation before the father's name is "the deceased" Reb Gutman...

I agree with Mr. Shapiro's reading of the year as 5662.