Origin of the name Brodsky #ukraine


I have traced my paternal ancestry to my great-grandfather David Halevy Brodsky in 19th century Russia, now Ukraine, but have hit a brick wall. I believe the name Brodsky originated in the Pale as a result of Jews fleeing West during a major pogrom, but I have no evidence to support that supposition. Does anyone have any insight into the origins of the surname Brodsky? Thanks 

Sheryl Prenzlau

I have a huge tree of Brodsky's, as this was my great grandmother's name.  Her name was  originally Baretsky. You can write me directly for more info.


I believe it means "From the town of Brody."

Kenneth Ryesky

My Brodsky g-g-gf was a Kohen.  Any Brodsky Kohanim out there?
-- Ken Ryesky
Petach Tikva, ISRAEL

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As an Historian, I am conducting researches upon Jews from Russia, Ukraina and Poland who emigrated toward Paris at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th one. I did have records related to Brodsky. Please, feel free to contact me. Patrice Markiewicz. Email: patrice.markiewicz@...

Udi Cain

My grandfather's grandfather Joel Meir CHAIKIN had a sister supposedly living in the same town where Joel's friend Rabbi Moshe Nachum Yerusalemsky.

In a letter which was sent by Joel from Jaffa in 1898 Joel asked the rabbi to send an attached letter to his sister or to her daughter's husband Rabbi Shmuel Brodsky.

A late cousin of my father told me once about a marriage of a CHAIKIN girl to the nephew of Laser Brodsky "The Sugar King".


Best wishes to all, Udi Cain (CHAIKIN)



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Dr.Josef ASH

From the town Brody in Lviv district. There is a big Jewish cemetery there