Prysewiczuvna girls school in Lodz #lodz

Krzysztof Witaszek

The school was 
Gimnazjum żeńskie Janiny Pryssewiczówny 
located at ul. Sienkiewicza 35 (in the year 1923). (Pryssewiczowna's Girls Gimnasium)
In the year 1934 or 35 it was bought  by Tadeusz and Janina Czapczyńscy, 
(New name of the school was: Prywatne Gimnazjum i Liceum Janiny Czapczyńskiej located  at ul.Narutowicza 58)
I looked at "Szukaj w archiwach" site and there are no records for Pryssewiczówna school, but there is a rich documentation for Czapczynski's school.
They are located in the Lódź Archive (Archiwum Państwowe w Łodzi)
It is possible that you will find something there for these individuals. Especially classroom diaries (dziennik lekcyjny) have many information about the students.
Krzysztof Witaszek

Alan Glixman

Dear group

Two people I am researching supposedly went to a girls school in the 1930s in Lodz which I believe was called "Prysewiczuvna" (although I couldn't find it on Google so the spelling may be or was slightly different - apologies).

Their names are Krysia (Krystyna) MONTAG and Janka (Janina) MONTAG. I believe that they were both born around 1921. They were cousins.

I am hoping that records survive from this school which might help me in my research.

Does anyone know of this school or where I might look to find records from there?

With thanks

Alan Glixman
Sydney, Australia

Researching in Poland: in the region of Plock (LICHTENSTEIN, POZNANSKI, KROTOZYNSKI); in Praszka (GLIKSMAN, HEYMAN, KON, SZTYLLER); in Pabianice (GLIKSMAN)