Announcing the Dr. Dan Hirschberg - Krakow Collection #poland #JewishGenUpdates #announcements

Avraham Groll

Dear JewishGen Community,

We are pleased to announce a partnership between and Dr. Dan Hirschberg, resulting in the Dr. Dan Hirschberg - Kraków Collection.

As a result of this agreement, records that have been transcribed and compiled by Dr. Hirschberg will be made freely available to JewishGen researchers. 

All of the records are from Kraków, Poland (in the Austrian province of Galicia before WWI), including Kazimierz and Podgórze (today, districts of Kraków). Thus far, more than 160,000 records have been uploaded, which include census records, vital records, marriage intentions/banns records, along with progressive and religious marriage records.

Images of most of the records are available online, although search results do not currently link to the images. Prof. Hirschberg's website (  contains many images and links to images on other websites. Vital records can also be viewed on the Polish State Archives' Search the Archives website (new:, old:

We would like to thank Dr. Dan Hirschberg for his monumental ongoing effort to transcribe and compile genealogical data about Kraków's Jewish Community, and for his generosity in contributing this extraordinarily valuable collection to JewishGen. 

Thanks also to the National Archives in Kraków for preserving the original records and making them available to the public.

The Dr. Dan Hirschberg - Kraków Collection can be searched via the JewishGen Unified Search ( or the JewishGen Poland Collection (

Avraham Groll
Executive Director