Cohen and Charlevil from Charleville France #france





I wonder if anyone would know form which Charleville in France are coming those people

  •          Joseph Juzpe Cohen born around 1598 in Charleville, France and died in 1656
  •         His daughter  Abigael Joseph Witzenhausen Cohen (spouse Hammelburg Witzenhausen) born around  in 1627 in Charleville who died on 25 nov 1685 in Amsterdam, Netherlands
  •          Also I notice that many people from Amsterdam bear the family name Charlevil. Does anyone know if they are coming from one of the Charleville above and if yes which one of the two

Thanks and regards


Joelle Meyer



Bernard Flam

Hi from Paris,

Dear Joelle,

A search on "Charleville" with Wikippedia gives 3 results in France:

·         Charleville #1, a very old town (established 1606) of Ardennes (Department, Dpt, 08), melted in Charleville-Mézières for 1966, a few kilometers from Belgium & Luxembourg borders.

·         Charleville-sous-Bois #2, very small village (< 200 pax before 1780) of Moselle (Dpt 57, province of Lorraine),

·         Charleville #3, very small village (< 200 pax before 1780) of Marne (Dpt 51) 


Best probability is this Cohen family living in Charleville #1, it was from the start a important town with his prince Charles 1er Gonzague (1580-1637) who wished to build a emblematic city:


If we search "Departmental Archives", as we can on any French department:


we can find Charleville's vital records from ... 1613!


But, there is always a "but" in genealogy, you must remember that in these good old times, these vital records were managed in France by Catholics churches.

So Jewish vital records don't appear in these books, you have to wait after French Revolution (1789) ...

I hope you may find other sources.


Bernard Flam

Archives & History of Medem Center - Arbeter Ring (Bund, Workmen Circle of France)




Dear Bernard
Thanks for your detailed anwser
being French I am familiar with those data.
further to your email I found some more data on the jews in charleville meziere but nothing more

but until now I did not find anyone coming from the Ardennes but many of course from Loraine and Metz in particular were charleville sous bois is.
I hope that some of our french genealogists wil lbe able to confirm your views.
thanks and regards