Searching For Shirley May KOMINSKY, Chicago #usa


Searching for Shirley May/Mae KOMINSKY (b.1937), and family - Chicago-based.

She is the daughter of Gerald KOMINSKY, and granddaughter of Anna SCHNEIDERMAN / SNYDERMAN.  Anna’s mother, Brayna
Rivka ‘Rebecca’ (COHEN) SCHNEIDERMAN / SNYDERMAN, is my grandmother, Sarah (COHEN) BLUMENTHAL’s, sister.  

The sisters are buried next to each other at Waldheim (long story!).

Hope something turns up, and thank you.

Sandi (Blumenthal) Root

Contact: roadrunr2@...


Greetings - I am descended from Kominsky/Kaminsky in the Philadelphia area - have hit a lot of brick walls. Just wanted to say hello and offer support.