ViewMate translation request of a Ketubah #translation

Bruce Seide

I would appreciate any assistance in determining the name of the bride and groom from this Ketubah, dated 1875.




The picture of the Ktubah was upside down.  As far as I could tell, the groom’s name is Moshe ben (Son of) Zvi and the bride’s name looks like Fruma.  Her father’s name  is illegible. 

Shalom, Malka chosnek in Texas


Ellen Lukas Kahn

Does the Ketubbah belong to your ancestors?   I assume you cannot read Hebrew (print or script) because the Ketubbah is updside down.  Sorry I cannot help you.

David Barrett


Bride:  FRUMA
Cannot decipher fathers name

David Shapiro

Bride's father's name is "H"R (Harav?) Zev".

Dovid Shapiro


Fruma, daughter of Zev

Yitschok Margareten

Moshe son of Tzvi
Fruma daughter of Zev
The year is 1893

Reuven Mohr

not sure about Fruma's father's name, (looks like Zoib/Zuib?) - 
but the date I see two possibilities:
(2 Ellul 5603 = Mon, 28 Aug 1843;) or more likely
2 Ellul 5653 = Mon, 14 aug 1893;

Reuven Mohr

maybe the father of the bride's name was Ze'ev (=Wolf), and here they spelled it phonetically: Zeiv