Serchuk or Serchug family from Pinsk, Belarus and Jungmann family from Wansen/Breslau help needed #belarus #russia

dori jungmann

my name is Dori Jungmann, i am from Jerusalem, i am 75 years old and am looking after my family history. it is very important for me because my mother came in 1920 )about( had very hard life here in Palestine, and then Israel, the same my father who was capt by the germans as a British soldier was a POW and was a PTSD. i don't know to much about their families because they came as pioneers, HALUZIM , to be farmers, but it happened for short time. i myself was ayoung paratruper and in the war of 1967, the six day war I led my troop in Jerusalem and a hand granat that the jordaniens soldiers thru on me, I got injured for all my life. 
i have 5 children and 8 grandchildren and felt that I have to tell them about the heritage of my family. here I would like to have your halp.
my mothers family lived in Pinsk, Belarus, white Rusiia, in the second name of Serchuk or serchuq, my grandmothers name was Bella or Belka, her second name was Eisenberg or may be Greenberg. i don't know anything but she lost her husband in 19015 about, married and had 2-3 children. all of them killed by Hitler, may be in Geto mother had a sister who was married with children, they killed by Hitler.
my father came from Selesia. the Jungmann family lived in a village named Minken. my father was born in a small village near Breslau called Wansen, there where 3 jewish families. my grandmother Gertrud came from Breslau, her father called Eduard Kohn or Cohn (kohen), he had a dress shop in one of the main streets of Breslau. my grandfathers name was wilhelm.
my fathers name was Helmut, my mothers name was Haya-Sima.
i will be very thankful for any halp you may give me.
thank you very much for your attention to my letter.
i am living in Har-Adar, very cloth to Jerusalem.
again, thank you so much for any information you can halp.
Dori Jungmann
24 Habrosh st. Har-Adar, Israel cell 972-054-624-2961

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Dear Madam' dear Sir, my name is Dori Jungmann' i am from Israel' and i tried to contact you to become a member in the jewish geneologies group. my knowlage in the computer is very week' and hrd to work with my left hand' i have a serius angery from the 1967 war but i do whant to become a member and to make an interesting chart of my family for the coming generation!!!
i got a massage from the Mormons inYuta' that they have information' but as you understand' i appritiate what they offered but still they are not my people and i m not sure what they whant/so please' halp me to be a member and to reserch the roots of my family.
my mother comes from Pinsk Beloruss' her name is Haya Sima Serchuq' her parenta are: Sander Alexander' mother was Bella or Belka and the second name was Eisenberg or Greenberg . My father was born in Wansen near Breslau to the father named Wilhelm youngmann who rose in Minken KRISE Olau, his mothe Gretrud Jungmann born Cohn or Kohen
please let me know how much do i need to pay and how to move the money' and what to do for looking for my roots.thank you very much for you atention and hope to have a good comunication with you
Shabat ShalomDori Jungmann' Har-Adar' Habrosh 24, 9083600 972-546-242-961