Searching Avram Stein and sister Mattie #israel


Avram Stein and his sister Mattie (married name unknown) were born in the late 1950's or early 60's in Israel.  Their parents were Leib Stain and Toni nee Berckovitch.  The spelling of her name was from the IGRA databases, where she was included in the 1932-1949 immigrants at Atlit.  

Leib Stein (spelling?) came to Palestine illegally on the beach December 11, 1946.  He lived in Holon and once had a tool and die shop in Tel Aviv, which was already closed before 1979.  

Toni's parents (first names unknown) lived at the cross streets of Bartenura and Amdan Streets in north Tel Aviv.  Her Berckovitch family was from Iasi in Romania.  

Madeleine Okladek