My second great grandmother from Pommern #records #poland


In (free) you can find three children of Herman and Henriette Toppel, born in Rochester, NY but later living in Cleveland, OH. In ancestry there is a "Horn family tree of Rochester" showing Henriettes parents and siblings.The family came to USA about 1870. Father William Horn died 1895 and mother Caroline Burbat/Burbot(?) 1913.
I think the family name of Herman is Toppel. Son Edward used this spelling.
Gunnar Leman

Sarah A. Ryan-Knox <mssarahryan@...>

I've been researching my Jewish lineage and have been unable to find any documentation. Through Ancestry, I have learned that my 2nd great grandmother Henrietta HORN was born about June 18,1858 in Vixow, Kreis Stolp, Pommern, Prussia. She married Herman TOPPLE, who was born on an unknown date in NYC. If anyone has any information about how I can get more information about them, please let me know.
Sarah Ryan-Knox
Portland, OR