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The earlier posting on my   Human Geographies Within the Pale of Settlement: Order and Disorder During the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries (Macmillan-Palgrave, 2019) dropped the table of contents
Here it is:
Table of Contents
SECTION 1: About this Study
Chapter 1: Orientation, Overview and Omissions
SECTION 2: Three Geographies of the Pale of Settlement
Chapter 2: The Physical Geography of the Pale
Chapter 3: The Human Geography of the Pale
Chapter 4: Individual Settlements are Members of Discrete Settlement Systems
SECTION 3: Order and Disorder in Everyday Lives
Chapter 5: Ordered Life in Individual Shtetlach, Towns and Cities
Chapter 6: The Changing Order in the World of Work
Chapter 7: Disorder in the Immediate Built and Social Environments of Jewish Marriages, Families and Kinship Systems
SECTION 4: Tracking Responses to Disorder
Chapter 8: Nineteenth-Century Disorder in the Pale and Elsewhere
SECTION 5:  New Histories
Chapter 9: A Research Agenda for New Historians
Robert E Mitchell
Brookline, MA