Help with Russian translation of records on Viewmate #translation

Arlene Glass

I have posted vital records in Russian from Lomza Poland that need translation.  There are three marriage records and two death records.The full translation is not needed. On most of the records I only need the date and place. There are four from the Lampart family and one from the Kolaczek.
The links are below. Please respond using the ViewMate form.
Thank you so much for your help.
Arlene Glass
Atlanta Georgia
marriage of Tema Gricz and Szaja Lampart #42
marriage of Mortek Lampart and Asna Touba Podlaska #4
marriage of Chaja Sora Lampart and Juszko Zelasko #71
Death of Wolf Gerszk Lampart. #138  There are two family members with this name. That is why I hope that the parents' names are listed and can be read.
Death of Froim Kolaczek # 272


Hi Arlene,

Your pictures on VM is vague and when come to the unique Jewish names, it's impossible to reed.
When you will try to do better pictures, will do translation without problems.
Thanks and good lack. 

Michael Ryabinky