where is Pitze? #hungary

joseph just

An ancestor who lived in Losonc/Lucenec in Nograd county Hungary and later died in Bratislava/Pozsony/Pressburg has his birthplace as Pitze on his death record. I need help figuring out where that is, several possibilities have not panned out. I don't even know what country that is in.

Joseph Just

Steve Stein

You might consider nearby Paszto, Hungary. Less likely, the larger city of Pecs, Hungary.

Steve Stein

András Alvincz

Halló:Bitte Zeitraum bekanntgeben


Any chance of a link or image for the death record where this is found? I've found that even typed documents are easier to read if you know what they're supposed to say; for handwritten things, I always want to look at the writing myself.

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