Does anyone know this town? #records


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I am attaching my great-great grandmother's death certificate in the hole that someone can help me identify her birthplace. The informant, her daughter, unfortunately, gave her mother's information instead of her mother's mother's information.

Any help is appreciated.

Jon Levinson

Marilyn Glass

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I believe it’s Philadelphia.


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Marilyn Platnick Glass

Toronto, Canada

Deborah Blinder

Looks to me like Yurbrek, Russia. I searched for that in the JewishGen Communities Database using "sounds like" matching and came up with only one result: Jurbarkas, Lithuania ( modern name), which was Jurbarkas, Russian Empire when she was born. Other names listed for this town are Jurbarkas [Lith], Yurburg [Yid, Rus], Georgenburg [Ger], Jurbarka [Latv], Jurbork [Pol], Jurgenburg, Jurborg, Jurburg, Yorburg, Yorvorig, Yurbarkas. Note that all those initial J's would be pronounced in English as Y.
Deborah Blankenberg (JewishGen ID #613395)
Lodi, CA
Researching BLOCH/BLOCK (Germany to New York, Colombia and Missouri), BLINDER (Kishinev to New York via Poland? and Paris), KUSHER/KUSZER (Lodz vicinity to New York via Paris), GOLDSCHMIDT (Germany)

Carol Hoffman

It could be Jurbarkas (Yurberg in Yiddish)? It is in Lithuania, and rec ords of Jews in that town can be searched on the ALD All Lithuania Database

Peter Lobbenberg

I would also go for Jurbarkas / Yurberg or Yurburg.  

It's circumstantial, but supportive, that her husband's birthplace is given as "Shellel".  Šilalė, the Yiddish for which JG TownFinder gives as Shilel, is only some 70km distant.

Peter Lobbenberg, London, UK


Try to read the question again. He asked about the place of BIRTH.