Lost Grandmother with family name of J(Y)erukamovitz #names #unitedkingdom

Stephen Cohen

Searching for anybody with family name J(Y)erukamovitz .Unfortunately, I have no idea from which part of eastern europe she came from. All i know is that she arrived in the UK around the end of the 18th century 
         Stephen Cohen

Dr.Josef ASH

by the suffix of the name, -ovich, I'm sure is comes from Russia
This suffix is translated as "son of": Ivanovich - s/o Ivan, Abramovich - s/o Abram, Yerukamovich - s/o Yerukam (by the way Yeroham  is the name from the Bible). I think in other Slavic languages it sounds a little different.
More: are you sure it is the surname? For Russian it is too long, it is prefered be, as a surname, just Yeruhamov.


The -ovich ending (-ович  in Cyrilic) could also be Serbian, Belerusan or Ukranian.  It also could be Polish or Croatian spelled -owitz or 
-ović respectively.

The -ovich ending is more commonly used as a patronimic name like Boris Vladimirovich Kuznetsov (Boris son of Vlademir from the family Kuznetsov)