Looking for help with marriage document PERLSTEIN #translation


i have found a potential family connection but would like some help in deciphering the marriage record.  The family name of the groom (PERLSTEIN) appears to have been adopted and the actual name at birth appears to be PLAUT.  I would be grateful if someone could translate the attached document so I could see exactly who the marriage is between, their dates of birth, and their parents.  I think the marriage is dated 18 January 1892.

Many thanks

Laurence Kleerekoper


Corinna Woehrl (nee Goslar)

Hello Laurence,

this is a 'normal' German wedding-certificate, which consists of two pages (second page includes the witnesses and signatures of couple and witn.):
mentioning the parents' surnamesnames/maiden names
NIederurff, January 18th 1892
1. merchant Jacob Perlstein, known, of Jewish religion
born Febr. 8th. 1831 in Meimbressen
living in Fritzlar
son of Herz Perstein and his wife Breinchen born Paut, lastly living Meimbressen
2. Sarah Katz, know, of Jewish Religion
born Dec. 3rd. 1844 in NIederurff,
living in Niederurff
daughter of merchant David Katz and his wife Gelah born Israel, the latter living in Niederurff
Regards from Germany,

Corinna Woehrl