Seeking descendants of Samuel Kivivitz and Goldie Bass #belarus


I've been researching my paternal grandmother, Tema (Rose) Kivovitz Comac from Derevna, Belarus.  She was the daughter of Samuel Kivovitz and Goldie Bass who were also the parents of Irving  and Faigie.  Irving took the name Cannon in the USA.  Faigie married and lived in the state of Washington; can't recall her last name.  Just discovered there was another brother, Hilel Kivovitz (1878-1935).  I knew both Irving and Faigie but never heard a word about Hilel.  Would love to know why.  He was married to Molly Ornstein who used the name Kivo later in life. They had three children-- Seymour, Gertrude and Rose who also used the name Kivo before her marriage to Emanuel Landsburg.  Would appreciate any info about Faigie or Hilel.

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Linda Comac

Neil Bass

Never heard of Goldie Bass but I do descend from the Bass clan of the Minsk suburbs.


Goldie was from Derevna, also known as Derewna, was in the Minsk region in the county of Stolpce.  She might, therefore, be related to your line.  One of the problems lies in the use of different names--given as well as surnames.  On, Goldie appears on the Kweitzer/Bass family tree owned by Bdebrose.  Do those names sound familiar?

Linda Comac

Gerald and Margaret

I suggest you contact the "Together Plan", a British based charity helping the remaining Jewish communities in Belarus learn to help themselves.  One of the Directors, fluent in English, Russian and Belarussian, is based in Minsk. One of their projects is to carry out genealogical research for descendents of Belarussian Jews.  That seems just wast you are looking for.
Contact london@...

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Margaret (London N3)


You may wish to contact Jewish Tour ( a reliable, established firm based in Minsk which offers an economical in-depth genealogical service as well as heritage tours. They have a genealogy staff fluent in many languages. They are also well connected with most of the current Jewish communities across Belarus and Limud. Another avenue to pursue is to deal directly with the Belarus National Historical Archive ( which also offers reliable research services.

When dealing with a private researcher (whether a firm, organisation or individual ) for a genealogical search in the Belarus archives you should bear in mind that you must authorise the researcher with an Apostille issued by the appropriate authority in your country. Without the Apostille the researcher cannot legally conduct your research. If you deal directly with the Archive an Apostille is not necessary.

For the sake of clarity I have no association with either Jewish Tour or, obviously, the National Historical Archive of Belarus although I do know individuals who have availed themselves of services offered by both.

I hope this helps.